Tender Beam Violet Blue Low Level Laser

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Tender Beam is a continuous mode Low Level Laser therapy device which incorporates bio-stimulating concentrated light to perform non invasive skin care procedures and blood illumination treatments. Violet blue blood illumination treatment is a whole body purifying, balancing, and energizing, holistic clinical procedure. 


“Laser” is an abbreviation for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. For decades Low Level Laser therapy also have been successfully used  for skin rejuvenation, collagen stimulation, and wrinkle reduction. Tender Beam is a low level laser therapy professional class III device which have been specifically created to offer non invasive, corrective esthetic procedures like laser cupping, guasha bio light massage, laser acupuncture, and many others. Use of each particular mode helps to stimulate desirable skin restoring processes in living cells, increase a blood flow, and improve inter-cellular communication.


Tender Beam Violet Blue photo-modulating treatments successfully fight topical pathogens and deliver skin healing and restoring results. It is specifically beneficial for acne and rosacea prone inflamed complexion. Specifically beneficial for inflamed, acne prone complexion because it has strong anti bacterial and skin calming effects. It helps to prevent break outs and balance overly active sebaceous glands. It is also recommended for cystic acne because it helps to reduce pain and swelling and improve texture and heal the skin.


Tender Beam Violet Blue LLL Technical Characteristics: 

Continuous Mode

Radiation Wave Length: 410-415 nm 

Power Operating Modes:

Mode 1 - 50 mw / Mode 2 - 120 mw 

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