Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

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Elina Organics Nourishing Hand Sanitizer is made with 80% organic food-grade grain Ethyl Alcohol which will kill all pathogens. Hydrate and nourish your skin with Snow Mushroom Extract (Tremella) and Copper Peptides. This hand sanitizer smells like fresh lavender instead of chemicals. 

Most conventional hand sanitizers are made with Isopropyl alcohol and other chemicals that can over-dry hands and lead to cracks and irritation on the skin's surface. This is why Elina used organic food-grade Ethyl Alcohol made from grain. Snow Mushroom (Tremella) has extensive skin hydrating and nourishing properties as well as Copper Peptides which help to restore the skin and have anti-microbial properties. This formula is extremely concentrated. You do not need more than 3-4 drops on your hands.

This Nourishing Hand Sanitizer is very spreadable and will create invisible gloves over your hands which will hydrate and protect your skin from viruses and harmful bacteria. 


Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol 80%, Organic tremella mushroom (snow mushroom extract), organic vegetable glycerin, copper peptides


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