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This energy balancing and circulation improving device is beneficial for every complexion, but especially for rosacea-prone skin and inflamed scalps. It restores the elasticity of the blood vessels by delivering several chi patterns and negatively charged ions into your skin cells. Just after a few minutes of gentle face massage with the smooth side of the Chi Lift, you will notice that your skin is less red, looks firm and energized. Brush your hair with the opposite side of the device to calm and condition your scalp and improve hair growth. We suggest to use Chi Lift on dry skin or over specialty organic serums and masks. For the best results use twice a day for 5-15 minutes over the face or scalp.

Chi, (Qi or Ki) is the energy of life itself, a balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation. So Chi can possibly be described as an electromagnetic phenomenon, as a form of light energy, as a form of bio-electromagnetic energy or electricity. Technologically it is a combination of chi patterns with very low levels of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) frequency. This helps to improve microcirculation, improve blood and chi circulation through meridians and blood vessels and the lymphatic system. It helps to balance blood pressure, it does not decrease or increase - it balances. It holistically can balance energy, blood, and lymphatic system. You can use it on the top of serum or over the cream. It will assist in penetration and skin regeneration. It works like an acupuncture face life to unblock energy and help to make it flow in their face. It will help calm and lift the skin. It is a very helpful machine for rosacea. When you use it over your face, redness immediately decreases. You can use this device as many times a day as you would like for as long as you would like. You can also use it on its own without cream. You can use it on the prong side or the flat side. You must make sure that your hand is touching one side for the other side to work and for the red light to turn on. 

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